Haunted History

Haunted History 1×5 : A Deadly Possession

2013-08-09 10

In the fall of 2001, Kevin Mannis, a Portland, OR area antiques dealer, stopped by a local estate sale to buy a few items for his store. He bought an unassuming wine box and after he purchased it, all hell broke loose in his life. He was consumed by unexplained paranormal activity. Was it just a coincidence or was there something to this box? Thinking it had to be the box and desperate to make it stop, Kevin sold the item online. Eventually, it would land in the hands of Jason Haxton, a Museum Director in the Midwest. Burdened by the same paranormal activity, Jason makes a desperate attempt to uncover the origins of the box. His research leads him down a dark path of s ances and the occult, revealing a shocking connection to a s ance that mistakenly unleashed evil into the world and the atrocities of WWII.

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