Haunted History

Haunted History 1×7 : Salem Witch Trials

2013-08-23 10

In 1692, America witnessed the most horrific acts of injustice when 19 innocent people were hanged and one was pressed to death for the practice of witchcraft. Today, Salem Massachusetts is a town renowned for its numerous accounts of paranormal activity. Four locations, with deep connections to the Salem Witch Trials, are plagued by restless spirits demanding that their innocence be known: a restaurant, which used to be an apple orchard and the place where the first hanging victim was arrested; the third oldest cemetery in Salem where a man was pressed to death; a historic house where two feared judges would decide the fate of supposed witches; and Gallows Hill where the hangings took place. But was there more to the Salem Witch Trials than just greed and hysteria? Could there be an underlying theory that made these trials unavoidable?

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